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    From Nightfox@DIGDIST/BATTLEST/FREEWAY to Art on Fri Oct 30 16:51:00 2009
    Re: Message Lister - colours
    By: Art to Nightfox on Fri Oct 30 2009 19:48:06

    I actually quite like the ML... however I have a few suggestions:

    - could we edit the header part of the mail display?
    - change subs/groups
    - post new
    - option supress the "are you sure you want to read" message... yes we're

    I tried to make it the only mail reader on my bbs however found that with those features, it was a little bit klunky, but definitely on the right track... I love the whole (al)pine/mutt/tin feel, if you could extend it

    I've debated whether to extend its functionality to include more message features, but (at least for the time being), I had decided not to because my intent with this message lister was not to provide an entire replacement for Synchronet's message reading/posting features. My intent was just to provide a simple message lister with some added features, to compliment what Synchroent already has. I'd feel that if I added much more to it that I'd be re-inventing the wheel. I've noted your suggestions though, and I may end up adding them. I actually have considered adding a way to change subs/groups..


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