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    From dream master@44:100/0 to All on Mon May 4 18:55:00 2015
    DoRENET Support Net
    Weekly Echo Rules Posting
    Moderator: dream master (44:100/0)

    This is a PUBLIC Conference which is available to all DoRENET Sysops.
    It is used for the discussion of html for DoRENET Nodes.

    1. This echo should be flagged as normal.

    2. Leave the moderating to the moderator. Even if you don't seem to
    see any response from the moderator in the echo, it could have been,
    and most likely was handled by netmail.

    3. The moderator decides what is off topic and what is on topic, if you
    do not agree, you may discuss it in netmail or E-Mail.

    These are easily followed by remembering the two FidoNet Policy
    rules (adopted for use with DoRENeT):
    1) Thou shalt not excessively annoy others.
    2) Thou shalt not be too easily annoyed.

    4. No bashing the author, the software or others dealing with this software.

    5. This base is ENGLISH only.

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