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    From metalhead@44:100/1 to All on Mon Jan 28 22:14:59 2019
    I've floated this around before, but let me try the dudes of racial enhancement:

    Are people these days SO not tech-savy that they search for information entirely from apps? Like, I'm wondering how much tires cost at Walmart, so
    I guess I should go to the Apple App Store with my fancy new iPhone, and try
    my hardest to find an app for "walmart tires?" Maybe my results will give me "Walmart App - Use this to check prices at your local store"

    ..So then I download the walmart app, install the piece of shit, find out they only sell shitty tires, then delete the app when I'm done, and try searching for "wheel accessories?" <- At this point, it's time to charge my phone.

    I know this is kinda extreme, but are there really dickweeds out there who think Safari is some kind of jungle-themed tutorial on how to use the iPhone?

    Just wondering... I play hard with web design, and it's frustrating to think that people aren't even using google, and that instead of spending hours on learning php & tweaking css to wow people, what I really should be doing is making some shitty app that isn't even needed. Frustrating! But part of the
    fun I guess.

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