• Famous Inventors

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    This week's famous connections are American inventors.

    I am:

    25 degrees from Otto Frederick Rohwedder, the inventor of sliced bread
    41 degrees from Nicolas Appert, father of canning (airtight food preservation) 28 degrees from Emile Berliner, phonograph record and gramophone
    56 degrees from Alfred Cralle, ice cream scoop
    24 degrees from Lance de Mole, tracked armored vehicle (tank)
    20 degrees from Arthur Ganong, individual chocolate bar
    20 degrees from Josephine Cochran, a dishwasher
    20 degrees from John Harington, flushing toilet
    16 degrees from John Patch, Screw type propeller
    29 degrees from Herman Snellen, the Snellen chart measure for visual acuity
    24 degrees from Ferdinand von Zeppelin, the Zeppelin air travel
    21 degrees from Stuart Awbrey

    If you're one of the 22,967,000 of us who are connected to each other on the 'big' tree
    you can start your journey by going to http://wikitree.com

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