• More Summer Olympians

    From Mike Dippel@954:895/1 to All on Wed Jul 21 14:35:54 2021
    This week's Featured Connections are Summer Olympians led by swimmer (and Tarzan
    movie star) Johnny Weissmuller.

    I am:

    25 degrees from Johnny Weissmuller
    28 degrees from Betty Cuthbert
    32 degrees from Fanny Blankers
    28 degrees from Eric Liddell
    19 degrees from Shannon Falconetti
    21 degrees from Michael Phelps
    30 degrees from Gillian Rolton
    24 degrees from Wilma Rudolph
    26 degrees from Alfred Tysoe
    43 degrees from Mina Wylie
    31 degrees from Yvette Corlett
    28 degrees from Isabelle Huth

    I don't recognize most of those names, but it's nice to know that if I happen to see them
    on TV, they are somehow related to me. Too bad I don't that Olympic gene with them.

    Mike Dippel

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