• 1960's Musicians

    From Mike Dippel@954:895/1 to All on Wed Aug 11 21:04:14 2021
    This week's featured connections are 1960s musicians. I am:

    40 degrees from Aretha Franklin
    29 degrees from Paul McCartney
    23 degrees from Bob Dylan
    26 degrees from Leonard Cohen
    25 degrees from Johnny O'Keefe
    27 degrees from Gordon Kirkpatrick
    25 degrees from Richard Monsour
    32 degrees from Mama Cass Cohen
    38 degrees from Mary Servaes
    43 degrees from Jan Johansson
    31 degrees from France Gall
    26 degrees from John Tyner

    This is why I love being a WikiTreer. Genealogy buffs from around the world do the
    research, and the rest of us reap the benefits,

    I can assist anyone interested in researching their roots. Just let me know if you are

    Mike Dippel
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