• Baseball Greats

    From Mike Dippel@954:895/1 to All on Wed Oct 13 09:12:02 2021
    My featured connections for this week.

    I am:

    22 degrees from Johnny Bench
    24 degrees from Joe DiMaggio
    22 degrees from Alex Ferguson
    20 degrees from Mickey Mantle
    19 degrees from Donald Mattingly
    24 degrees from Jackie Gilbert
    24 degrees from Jackie Robinson
    24 degrees from Pete Rose
    23 degrees from Tom Seaver
    29 degrees from Daniel Staub
    27 degrees from Honus Wagner
    20 degrees from Christine Preston

    This information was the result of data collected on WiliTree.com, in my opinion the best
    genealogy resource available. Every week I receive information about my connections
    to persons around the world.

    Mike Dippel
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