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    My results from a WikiTree search of famous authors of children's books are:

    I am:

    20 degrees from Ted Geisel
    Theodor Seuss Geisel was an American writer, cartoonist, and poet. He is best known for
    his illustrated children's books, written under the pen name of Dr. Seuss.

    34 degrees from Hans Christian Andersen
    Hand Christian Andersen is a famous author, known worldwide for fairy tales like "The
    Emperor's New Clothes", "The Little Mermaid", "The Nightingale", "The Steadfast Tin
    Soldier", "The Red Shoes", "The Princess and the Pea", "The Snow Queen", "The Ugly
    Duckling", "The Little Match Girl", and "Thumbelina".

    34 degrees from Elsa Beskow
    Elsa Beskow was an author of children's books, illustrating her own stories with an Art
    Noveau touch. Many of her books are classics.

    16 degrees from Sara Parton
    American novelist, children's writer, humorist, and newspaper columnist, known by the
    pen name "Fanny Fern".

    26 degrees from Jacob Grimm
    Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm was a German philologist, jurist, linguist, and mythologist. He
    is known as the discoverer of Grimm's law of linguistics.

    25 degrees from Ruth Niland
    She wrote for all ages, from classic children's picture books like 'The Muddle-headed
    Wombat', teen and young adult novels.

    27 degrees from Arthur Ransome
    he wrote his only full-length novel (The Elixir of Life), and published a collection of
    Russian folktales.

    27 degrees from Colin Thiele
    He was renowned for his award-winning children's fiction, most notably the novels Storm
    Boy, Blue Fin, the Sun on the Stubble series, and February Dragon which were made into
    films and / or television series

    20 degrees from E. B. White
    American author of several highly popular children's books, including Stuart Little
    (1945), Charlotte's Web (1952), and The Trumpet of the Swan (1970).

    36 degrees from T. H. White
    English author best known for The Sword in the Stone.

    23 degrees from Frances Burnett
    She is best known for her children's stories, in particular Little Lord Fauntleroy
    (published in 1885-6), A Little Princess (1905), and The Secret Garden (1911).

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