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    My Featured Connections for Easter weekend are candy makers such as John Cadbury.

    I am:

    29 degrees from Adolf Ahlgren
    Developed a gelatin and gum arabic-based confectionery, by way of a successful introduction of a mouth water from a German recipe, named L˙kerol, and then a cough
    drop with the same taste and name.

    26 degrees from Sam Born
    In 1923, he founded the Just Born company in Brooklyn, New York; a candy manufacturer that still manufactures Peeps, Mike and Ike, and Hot Tamales. In his 1924
    declaration for immigration purposes, he indicated he was a chocolate manufacturer.

    22 degrees from John Cadbury
    English proprietor and founder of Cadbury. He developed an emulsification process to
    make solid chocolate - creating the modern chocolate bar.

    22 degrees from Domingo Ghirardelli
    When the Gold Rush hit California, Domingo went to America and opened his first store
    in a mining camp where he stocked the shelves with chocolate. In 1852, he founded a
    confectionery shop in San Francisco which later became known as the Ghirardelli
    Chocolate Company

    17 degrees from Milton Hershey
    Developed a candy-making facility in Derry Church. It opened in 1905, setting a new
    course for Hershey and the candy industry and he became the first person in America to
    mass produce milk chocolate products commercially.

    28 degrees from Abel Hoadley
    Manufactured an individual honeycomb bar, the "Violet Crumble"

    30 degrees from Cornelis Jamin
    Cornelis started as street salesman in candy. He expanded this business to the candy
    store chain Jamin. At the end of his life he owned 50 candy stores.

    34 degrees from Henri Nestl˙
    Produced ingredients (cow's milk, cereal flour, malt or potassium carbonate) already
    known to doctors and pharmacists at the time, but it was only Henri Nestl˙ who could
    process them into a durable powder.

    19 degrees from Harry Burnett Reese
    Was an American inventor and businessman known for creating the No. 1 selling candy
    brand in the United States, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and founding the H.B. Reese
    Candy Company.

    22 degrees from Mary See
    Mary See had developed the recipes that became the foundation of the See's candy
    business while helping run her husband's hotel on Tremont Island in Ontario.

    29 degrees from Izaak van Melle
    Started a small factory for the production of sugar confectionery in Breskens, diagonally
    opposite his father's bakery. In 1932 the brothers Machiel and Pierre van Melle bought
    the rights to produce the soft fruit caramel - now known as Fruittella.

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    Mike Dippel

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