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    Spring has sprung in the northern hemisphere, here is my connection to various plant
    experts. I am:

    27 degrees from Martha Stewart
    Martha Stewart is an American businesswoman and television personality, known primarily through her Martha Stewart Omnimedia brand, which specializes in gardening,
    homesteading, and homemaking endeavors.

    26 degrees from Liberty Bailey
    Liberty Hyde Bailey was an American horticulturist, author, botanist, professor, and Dean
    at Cornell University. He was also cofounder of the American Society for Horticultural

    23 degrees from Joseph Banks

    17 degrees from Atlee Burpee
    A pioneer in the American agriculture industry and the founder of one of America's
    leading seed companies.

    20 degrees from Albert Hitchcock

    A leading botanist and especially agrostologist, who travelled widely, collecting and
    documenting a huge number of grasses and other species, from the Americas and other
    parts of the world.

    20 degrees from Sara Lemmon
    Sara assisted her husband in an ambitious effort to catalog the plants of southern
    Arizona, a part of the world few botanists had yet visited. Sara and John were equal
    partners in collecting and researching plant specimens

    24 degrees from Philippe Andr˙ L˙v˙que de Vilmorin
    a notable French horticulturist.

    29 degrees from Gregor Mendel
    a meteorologist, mathematician, biologist, Augustinian friar and abbot of St. Thomas'
    Abbey in Br˙nn

    31 degrees from Martin M˙bius
    when the Botanical Institute of the University in Frankfurt was founded, Martin M˙bius
    was named the first director of the Institute.

    25 degrees from William Purvis
    He brought numerous plants to Hawaii including several from Ceylon including tea,
    cinchona, Jack, camphor, Natal red grass, Guinea grass, Buffalo grass, Giant Bamboo,
    Male bamboo, and King coconut palm.

    25 degrees from Carl von Linn˙
    Carl von Linn˙ systematized the scientific nomenclature of living things, and developed a
    hierarchical classification system (kingdoms, classes, orders, genera, and species).

    This information was taken form WikiTree's website at: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/1409532/which-plant-expert-are-you-most-closely- connected-to

    "Spring has sprung in the northern hemisphere, and with all the greening-up we're
    featuring plant experts, like Martha Stewart in the Connection Finder this week.

    Featured alongside her are:

    Liberty Hyde Bailey, co-founder of the American Society for Horticultural Science
    Sir Joseph Banks, botanist and naturalist
    Washington Atlee Burpee, founder of Atlee Burpee Seed Co.
    Albert Spear Hitchcock, botanist specializing in grass species
    Sara Plummer Lemmon, botanical illustrator and cataloger
    Pierre L˙v˙que de Vilmorin, founder of l'Arboretum Vilmorin ˙ Verri˙res-le-Buisson
    Gregor Mendel, father of botanical genetics
    Martin M˙bius, Director of the Botanical Institute at the Uni versity of Frankfurt
    William Herbert Purvis, prolific plant collector
    Carl Linnaeus von Linn˙, botanist who formalized binomial nomenclature
    Which one is most closely connected to you? If you're one of the 25.7 million of us who
    are connected to each other on our big tree you can check with the Connection Finder."

    Mike Dippel

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