• My relationship to ghosts of the past

    From Mike Dippel@954:895/1 to All on Sun May 23 20:24:34 2021
    This week's Featured Connections are "ghosts" starting with Anne Boleyn who is said to
    haunt the Tower of London ever since her beheading there on this day in 1536.

    I am:

    19 degrees from Anne Boleyn
    24 degrees from Christopher Crawley
    35 degrees from Peter Linders
    25 degrees from Brita Gustafsdotter
    16 degrees from Alice Lisle
    21 degrees from William Lemp
    20 degrees from Dorothy Townshend
    30 degrees from Julia Staab
    19 degrees from Kate Morgan
    21 degrees from Evelyn McHale
    26 degrees from Maud of England
    19 degrees from Connie Graves

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    Mike Dippel

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