• 1950s Rock 'n Rollers

    From Mike Dippel@954:895/1 to All on Wed Jul 13 10:22:44 2022
    Per http://wikitree.com, I am:

    34 degrees from Chuck Berry
    18 degrees from Buddy Holly
    21 degrees from Brenda Tarpley (Brenda Lee)
    19 degrees from Jerry Lee Lewis
    29 degrees from Karl Gerhard Lundkvist (Little Gerhard)
    25 degrees from Johnny O'Keefe
    20 degrees from Carl Perkins
    19 degrees from Elvis Presley
    29 degrees from Thomas Hicks (Tommy Steele)
    19 degrees from Jiles Richardson (The Big Bopper)
    40 degrees from Ike Turner

    If you would like to find your connections to famous people, you can start by giving me
    some basic information by going to:

    I have developed websites for many persons interested in their family history.

    Mike Dippel

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