• Remembering The Alamo

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    This week's Featured Connections are from the Battle of the Alamo, in honor of Davy
    Crockett's birthday today.

    15 degrees from David Crockett - David Crockett represented Tennessee in the U.S.
    House of Representatives. He served in the 20th US Congress.

    33 degrees from Juan Almonte - Almonte served as Secretary of War when the Mexican-
    American War began.

    19 degrees from Juana Alsbury - survivor of the Alamo.

    19 degrees from Micajah Autry - Battle of the Alamo, Killed In Action.

    18 degrees from James Bonham - Lt. Bonham was killed on 6 March 1836, along with
    the rest of the Defenders, when Santa Anna's army struck the Alamo compound with its
    own cannon.

    15 degrees from James Bowie - James fought in the Battle of Concepcion, November 26,
    1835 and the, October through December 14, 1835, near San Antonio

    23 degrees from Susanna Dickinson - survived the Battle of the Alamo.

    17 degrees from Patrick Herndon - Patrick Herndon was killed in the Battle of the Alamo,
    March 6, 1836.

    18 degrees from James Neill - Neill joined Houston on the way to Groce's Retreat, then
    the Battle of San Jacinto where he was wounded in the hip.

    24 degrees from Juan Seguin - Seguin left the Alamo as courier to carry a message
    requesting aid for the Alamo Defender

    17 degrees from William Travis - With engineer Green B. Jameson he strengthened the
    walls, constructed palisades to fill gaps, mounted cannons, and stored provisions inside
    the fortress. He also wrote letters to officials requesting reinforcements.

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    Mike Dippel

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