• Hispanic Heritage Month

    From Mike Dippel@954:895/1 to All on Thu Oct 6 14:55:48 2022
    This month, we are celebrating our Hispanic Heroes. Per WikiTree.com

    I am:

    31 degrees from Sim˙n Bol˙var y Palacios Ponte y Blanco
    26 degrees from Cesar Chavez
    20 degrees from Bernardo de G˙lvez
    21 degrees from Jennifer Lopez
    24 degrees from Rita Moreno
    21 degrees from P˙o de Jesus Pico
    25 degrees from Jose Redondo
    39 degrees from Lola Rodr˙guez de Ti˙
    23 degrees from Jos˙ Toribio Romo Gonz˙lez
    24 degrees from Ruben Salazar

    If you would like to find your connections to famous people, you can start by giving me
    some basic information by going to:

    I have developed websites for many persons interested in their family history.

    Mike Dippel

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