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    Tonight is "Burns Night" in Scotland, honoring the poet Robert Burns, so this week's
    Featured Connections are Scottish notables. Per wikitree.com, I am:

    19 degrees from Alexander Graham Bell
    24 degrees from Robert Bruce King Robert Ist of Scots
    22 degrees from Robert Burns - Scottish poet and lyricist
    23 degrees from Sean Connery
    17 degrees from Kenneth Grahame - Secretary of the Bank of England in 1908
    31 degrees from Lulu Kennedy-Cairns - Scottish singer, songwriter, actress, and
    television personality

    32 degrees from Annie Lennox - Scottish singer-songwriter, political activist and

    21 degrees from Flora MacDonald - Jacobite heroine
    19 degrees from Robert Stevenson - prolific writer, most famous for Treasure_Island
    (1883), The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1886), Kidnapped (1886), and his
    children's poem collection A Child's Garden of Verses (1885).

    20 degrees from Charles Stuart - was a member of Scottish Nobility

    27 degrees from James Watt - Invented the Watt steam engine with a condensing chamber, patented in 1769, which converted steam back to water; Developed a rotary
    engine that mechanized weaving, spinning and transport; Introduced the term horsepower

    It is always interesting to visit the past to see how we are related to each other. I have
    some ancestors that were black, bank robbers, politicians physicians, detectives, actors,
    comedians. I guess that I am a collection of all of them.

    If you would like to find your connections to famous people, you can start by giving me
    some basic information by going to: https://www.hobbyline.com/genealogy_web_design.htm and click on the 'Request Form'

    I have researched the ancestry for many persons interested in their family history.

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