• The Ultimate MUD Connector

    From Nelgin to All on Wed Dec 22 13:14:17 2021

    I'm pleased to announce the first released of The Ultimate MUD Connector, a list of over 700 MUDS, MUSHES, MOOS, and other text like games that you can browse and connect to right from the BBS.

    I use the list from mudconnect.com (full credit to them).

    Head to Doors > MUD/Maze and select the mud connector. Browse through and hit enter then C to connect.

    If you need to get back to the BBS, you can use CTRL ] (Known as the escape command) any time*

    Currently, there is no search feature. That will be coming in the next version. * if a mud is down or the system cannot connect, you may have to wait upto 30 seconds for it to time out. The escape feature won't work. I've put in a bug report for this.

    If you find any games not on the list, please let me know and I'll add them. If you find one that isn't working or has problems, also let me know and I'll try to fix or remove it.

    Finally, I will be working on an address book, so you will be able to save your favorite games for quick access.

    Let me know any feedback or suggestions.