• Network Removals

    From Nelgin to All on Sun Aug 28 02:38:33 2022
    Due to the various network owners basically not giving half a damn about their networks, as of today I am removing the following networks. PascalNet LinuxNet Rmmini
    Sysops Tech Net
    Whisper Echo Net
    JustaXnet [added to the list 09 Sep 2022]
    CombatNet [added to the list 09 Sep 2022 due to owner's health issues] AdventureNet [added to the list 26 Sep 2022]
    GatorNet [added to the list 26 Sep 2022]
    ZENet [added to the list 26 Sep 2022]
    Sportsnet [added to the list 06 Oct 2022] Owner decided to shutdown net

    I will be putting these into read-only mode at an increased user level to avoid confusing people. If you wish to have access to any of these networks for some reason, just to read, let me know and I'll increase your level.

    There are a few others on the chopping block also.

    While I do like to make as many groups available as possible, the general concensus in the sysop community is that some of these old networks need to die off and focus users on those that are mostly active. This would namely be Fidonet and FSXNet.

    I'm always open to user input. The BBS is here for you as much as it is me. Thanks,