• Command Shell Update

    From Nelgin to All on Sun Nov 27 16:26:57 2022
    Hello everyone,

    Due to a configuration error, new users were not defaulting to the "EOTL" shell but given the "DEFAULT" synchronet shell.

    I've made extensive modifications to make the menus a little cleaner and easier to navigate so all users should have received the EOTL when they created an account.

    I have now updated everyone's profile who had DEFAULT to now have the new shell. If you really don't like it, please let me know, and I'll see if I can make some changes. If you REALLY REALLY don't like it, then you can change back by going to the Settings area then Default Settings and changing the Command Shell back to Synchronet Classic.

    As always, I want everyone to have the best experience when using my BBS. Please leave feedback either as a private message or in the General forum. You'll find I'm fairly responsive.