• Woman Gets Honorary Plaque

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    Woman Who Slept with the Nazis to Give Them STDs Gets Honorary Plaque

    A mystery woman is being honored in Czech Republic for intentionally sleeping with Nazi soldiers to infect them with a sexually transmitted disease.
    The woman, dubbed a `hero,' worked as a nurse at a local hospital in the southern Czech Republic during the 1938 occupation. She contracted an STD
    after she was raped by Nazi soldiers when troops invaded the town of Trebon. The nameless woman was charged with caring for wounded German soldiers. In a bid to seek revenge, she began sleeping with the soldiers in her care, hoping to infect them with the disease.

    Karel Friml, an ex-lawyer, now lives in the nurse's home, and was in charge
    of the campaign to have her memorialized for her actions. "I am really sorry that she died anonymously, I think she was a hero," Friml said. "And that's
    why we have made this memorial plaque to her and placed it on the wall of the house."
    "Unfortunately, we do not know her exact name because time and memories have failed to preserve it," he added. "But we know that she was assigned to look after wounded German soldiers and began affairs with them."

    Friml says that the mystery woman was branded a "whore" by the residents of Trebon, though they began singing a different tune when the soldiers she
    slept with began complaining of contracting a STD.
    Eventually, the entire community knew she was purposefully sleeping with
    Nazis to infect them.

    "This was her resistance and vengeance for the rape of her country and her personal rape," the 79-year-old Friml said. "She had many German lovers,
    maybe six, maybe ten, maybe more".

    The Nazis soon learned, however, of her scheme, and ordered her to be
    executed by the Gestapo.

    She died, nameless, but thanks to Friml, her actions will forever be commemorated.

    According to Trebon Museum curator and local historian Jirina Psikova, "The woman is historically unrecognized with no known documents mentioning her,
    but several people remember her story and opinion is divided."
    "Some say she was a slut and spread sexually transmitted diseases among
    German officers, others say she was a real patriot who was raped and infected by the Nazis and she decided to get her revenge," Psikova said, according to Express.


    Here we go again! Nazi soldiers....
    They are never called German soldiers. Tells you all you need to know.
    So, why were the American soldiers never called "Democratic soldiers"????

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